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Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative OVerview

This 2 page document provides a brief overview of the Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative (RSRI), a summary of the global refugee crisis, the goals of the RSRI, and the coalition members.

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ten challenges to build better lives now

Members of the RSRI are challenging themselves - and other policymakers, practitioners and private citizens, including representatives of governments, multilateral organizations, funders, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, research and academic institutions and civil society – to take the following 10 practical steps towards making self-reliance opportunities a reality for refugees.

the case for measuring refugee self-reliance

In October 2017, RSRI leader Amy Slaughter, published this article (page 6), The Case for Measuring Refugee Self-Reliance, in Evaluation Connections from the European Evaluation Society.


How do we measure refugee self-reliance?

This October 2017 Brief from the Refugee Studies Center, Refugee Self-Reliance: Moving Beyond the Marketplace, features an article (page 5) written by RSRI leaders Amy Slaughter and Kellie Leeson, entitled: How do we measure refugee self-reliance?